28 hours in Oxford

I am just home from a very sunny trip to Oxford where I spent a lovely couple of days hanging out with a my sis and gorgeous little Ivy. We enjoyed 2 picnics in the park, 2 Starbucks iced beverages, 2 Ben’s Cookies, 1 bottle of Prosecco, 1 large Oxfork brownie, 1 episode of Made in Chelsea and a good few hours of solid sunshine.


Sunny Saturday

I had a lovely day on Saturday ambling around the many pretty streets of Kensington and walking through beautiful Holland Park for the first time. London is stunning in the sun! The highlight? Popping to my brother’s favourite haunt – the Builders Arms – for a midday drink in the sun. Thank you for havng me Matt and Vicks.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

On Friday I spent the day volunteering with some colleagues at a school in Swindon. We painted some scenes from the popular children’s story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. The finished boards will add a splash of colour to the children’s playground. I just hope the children don’t look too closely and notice my unsymmetrical butterfly.

Devonshire mini break

Back to work after a very relaxing 3 day break in Sidmouth. A whole host of Pratts, Woods, Smiths and one Hudson descended upon the sleepy Devonshire seaside town for a family get together. It was nice to spend some time by the coast and walk up and down the esplanade in the sea breeze. I spent most the time knitting in the hotel lounge – I had competition though in the form of an 80+ granny, she was a speedy show off.

Hello sunshine

Sunday was a lovely day. I was invited for a delicious breakfast and enjoyed the  food, company, literature and weather so much that I didn’t leave til gone 8pm. Oops.

The day started with a fruit salad of grapefruit, orange and pomegranate seeds, a pot (and then another) of coffee and poached eggs on toast and ended with a never-ending supply of kettle chips and a couple of rather strong gin and tonics.

8 hours of basking in the spring sun left me with a slightly blushed nose and the wonderful feeling that summer may be just over the horizon.

Blossoming Bath

Here’s the first of two posts about my wonderful weekend. I had the lovely Smith family to visit on Saturday and I couldn’t have hoped for a better day. The mist cleared on their arrival and the sun came out right on cue.  We mooched around town (little Ivy strapped to Dad) and had delicious baguettes in Chandos for lunch. My sister and I spent a good hour choosing fabric and wool from The Makery and Wool Bath, sorry Stu.

We then took the scenic route home around the Crescent, past the neatly tended flower beds and the confetti like cherry blossom trees. It really does  feel like summer is on its way.

Thank you for a lovely day Becky, Stu and Ivy.

Hello March

I left work early yesterday to catch a train home for my final yoga class however a series of public transport mishaps meant that I was too late. So there I was, back in Bath on a beautiful spring evening with a free hour and a half to spare. I popped to M&S and picked up a pizza and a bottle of red and then took the scenic route home.

The thing with living in Bath, is that every now and again (and especially on the turn of the season) it hits you…you suddenly become aware of the wonderful beauty of the place you call home. It’s so easy to forget and get bogged down in the daily grind. Last night I ambled home past pubs with people sat outside, through gardens of manicured spring borders and around the Royal Crescent, a few remaining people still lounging on the lawn. Add to that the cheerful chorus of singing birds and the teasing anticipation of spring. The trees may still be bare and the mornings misty but all of a sudden there’s definitely the sense that nature’s beginning to wake for spring. I for one, can’t wait!