I’m reading a really intriguing book at the moment all about happiness and thought it a fitting time to put into words some of the things that most make me happy. My sister posted this on her blog a while ago and asked me to give it a go, so along with the photographs above, here’s some of my favourite things…

Favourite colour?
Navy blue

Favourite animal?
Rabbits. As a family we were lucky enough to have the most remarkable pet rabbit when we were growing up. His name was Phoenix and words can not describe how much fun he brought to my childhood.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink?
I love grabbing an Iced Latte in the summer but I guess the non-alcoholic drink I order most is sparkling mineral water. I find it so refreshing.

Facebook or Twitter?
Neither. I don’t really get Twitter and after 7 years am all facebooked out!

Favourite number?
I don’t have a favourite number, but I do smile every time I see 22:22 on a 24hr clock.

Favourite day of the week?
I can’t decide on one day, but I definitely have favourite parts of certain days. The first sip of a nice glass of wine on a Friday night – it signals the start of my weekend and without it I’m a little lost! Lie ins on a Sunday morning – I always make sure I’ve got a good breakfast in and lie in bed, leisurely flicking through my favourite mags and writing my shopping list for the week.

My passions?
My gorgeous little niece who makes me so happy and all my family who I’m so close to. Being creative, whether through card making, sewing, knitting, crochet or whatever else might take my fancy. Taking photographs – either on my iPhone for instagram or whilst getting to grips with my SLR. 2012 has certainly been the year of the book for me; having a stash lined up is a great feeling. Food and cooking – I’m lucky enough to have been treated to some fantastic meals (out and in) by some pretty talented friends/family and professional chefs.

Getting or giving presents?
It’s always amazing to receive gifts and I have such fun making and choosing gifts for close friends and family. I can’t pick between the two but I think last year’s John Lewis advert sums it up perfectly. There is no better feeling than the anticipation of giving a really great gift.

Favourite pattern?
Anyone who knows me will be able to answer this question…stripes!

Favourite flower?
I’ve not had my own garden yet so there’s so much more to discover, but my favourite cut flowers are white Lillies. And the runner-up, Tulips.


2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. This is lovely! Maybe its something that we should all do, and often, as favourite things will change as we experience more and more. Read new books, discover new flowers etc. and where as we might like wearing one colour, we might enjoy others in different ways. Such as the startling scarlet of a runner bean flower set against verdant green. I like reading these sorts of lists in the weekend supplements as they seem to give away some truths about the persons real character.
    In all, it shows what a vibrant person YOU are and how the world through your eyes, is a place of charm and discovery!
    Choosing happiness, is an essential skill for us all, for our own well being. I know that this is a choice we all have to call upon at certain times. When the world might look bleak, and your equilibrium has been turned upside down. It has to be in your power to take hold of it and turn it the right way up. I suppose another but more simple way of describing it is in the old phrase “Counting your chickens”. Reminding ourselves of the things that are most dear. Or as i was constantly reminded through my childhood (by my most wonderful Dad) “smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone”. That always sounded harsh to me, but it used to make me dig deeper and find something to lift my mood.
    Also, knowing that you are loved deeply, either by a multitude of special family and friends or even by one extraordinary person, can be the one real thing that gives us the happiest and most resilient glow ! xxxx

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