Goodbye January

I’m writing this post with a smile on my face and a slight feeling of achievement. Silly I know, but as my least favourite month, January is always something of a challenge. This year, as well as starting each month with a list of things to achieve, I’ll be taking the time to celebrate my top 3 moments of the month just gone. It brings me great pleasure to bid farewell to January and share with you some of the fun I had…

  1. Karaoke
    Without doubt this was the most fun I have had in ages and it turns out I sure can belt a song or two.
  2. Les Miserables
    I’d never seen it before and I loved it. I had “Master of the house” going round and round my head for days after.
  3. Yoga
    Definitely the perfect antidote to a long January.

One thought on “Goodbye January

  1. Sounds far less gloomy than feared! I haven’t seen Les Mis yet and am not sure if the certain tears that i will experience are what i want? But i’ll go!
    karoaoke? i did it last year too! The trouble is, with 30 teachers its a matter of wrestling the mike off people. Most of us gave up and resorted to “community singing” with spoons for mikes!
    Yoga… one of my total priorities. The more you do the more you want to do! I go twice a week these days.I started when i was about your age and particularly over the past 15 years its given me sanity when all around me felt iffy. But more importantly when you feel good… you feel really good! And flexibility? I can do things that people half may age couldn’t do. ( i have decided!).
    Enjoy !

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