Beautiful things

A trip to London isn’t complete without a splurge in Anthropologie on the King’s Road.

Anthropologie Candle
Plate Coaster


Little treats

With Friday afternoon off, I headed home and popped to the nearby market town of Romsey with mum, sis and Ivy. We spent an hour walking along the river, admiring pretty terraces and entertaining the little one in the park. Just before heading home we popped into Consortium (one of my favourite shops) and found a couple of these vintage glass dishes for just £2.50 each. I’ll forever have this lovely little dish to remind me of the lovely Friday afternoon just gone.

Vintage dish

Sunday afternoon

A dreary Sunday afternoon spent snuggled on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. Trying to lift my spirits with a Ben’s cookie and day dreams of sunny spring. Counting the days til picnics in the park, roof top Prosecco, a healthy sun-kissed glow, refreshing cocktails, authentic gelato from here and waking up to a perfect summer’s day.

Living room