Another weekend

Although not quite the spring visit I’d anticipated when we first put the date in the diary, this weekend’s trip to Oxford was lovely nonetheless. We sheltered from the elements (wind, rain and snow) with coffee stops in The Missing Bean and a wonderful lunch in Quod. After a Saturday morning shopping and nattering, the afternoon was spent warming through with cups of tea and playing with the ever more adorable Ivy.

Come early evening and with the little one tucked in us oldies cosy’d down and enjoyed a delicious dinner of Lamb Koftes, melting hallomi, sliced tomatoes, cooling yoghurt and rocket wrapped up in warm flatbreads. Sunday morning brought with it a breakfast of sensational Nutella and hazelnut swirls (blog post to follow) enjoyed with strong cafetiere coffee. And to top it all off, lunch was a fresh and healthy green bean and smoked Mackerel salad. All these amazing meals were inspired by the Kitchen & Co cookbook and rustled up by my talented sis. Thank you!

The Missing Bean LatteOxfordOxford SisterSnowdrops Punting


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