Ou est le soleil?

2013, we need to have words. When, oh when, will I feel your warm embrace and see your sunny smile? It pains me to look back at my blog post a month ago and see now that my cheery anticipation of spring was so far off the mark. It’ll come as no surprise that my expectation of April is far from optimistic. After such a long, cold winter I really am beginning to wonder whether spring will ever arrive.

So, even though March didn’t bring the start of spring, it did play host to some very special moments indeed.

  1. Come on you Irons
    Celebrating my Dad’s birthday with a trip to The Boleyn Ground. It was great to re-visit after so many years and cheer us on to a win.
  2. Good Friday at The Builder’s
    No work, nowhere to be and all the time in the world to sit back and enjoy an afternoon with my brother in his favourite West London pub
  3. Entertaining Ivy
    Who knew a cardboard box could provoke so many giggles from a toddler. Over, and over again.

To April. Sun or no sun I’ll be taking it easy and slowly winding up for summer. Now the evenings are lighter I’m going to make the most of the park on my doorstep with some evening runs.  And for a while now I’ve been meaning to swot up on my abysmal French; with 10 weeks to go before my next French vacance I figured it’s now or never!


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