Fresh spaghetti

One of the best ways to spend a wet Friday evening, is with a big bowl of comforting spaghetti. I took a slight detour on my way back through Bath to pick up some fresh pasta from Jamie’s Deli. Two neat little nests and 93p later, I set off home with a spring in my step and the drip drip of rain against my face.

This dish is quick to make, light on ingredients and punchy in flavour; a great mid-week supper for when time’s precious and all you really want to do is put your feet up.

Gently sizzle in a pan, with a couple of glugs of olive oil, until softened:
a few chopped anchovies
1 crushed large clove of garlic
a generous handful of sliced black olives

Mix through the cooked pasta and sprinkle with freshly picked parsley. C’est tout.

Fresh spaghetti
Fresh spaghetti
Fresh spaghetti
Anchovy, olive and garlic spaghetti


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