This morning

It’s a funny feeling travelling away from the place you call home, to visit the place that will become home in just a couple of months time. Especially when that means waving ‘a bientot’ to 5 years in beautiful Bath and diving head first into a new adventure in London. After months of back and forth, back and forth, today I feel a mix of warmth and anticipation as I travel east to the place that will soon become home. 



Sunday brunch

Yesterday we went for Sunday brunch at Granger & Co in Notting Hill. I couldn’t resist the toasted rye, avocado, lime & coriander, whilst my sister went for the soft boiled organic eggs & sourdough soldiers and Stu for the bill’s BLT. An hour later I stepped out into the sunshine wishing I lived nearby and plotting my excuse to return again soon.

Granger & Co.
Granger & Co.Granger & Co.
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Notting Hill
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