This spot in this city is one of my favourites. Bath has turned inside out over the last few years and is now overspilling with restaurants, bars and coffee shops all embracing a more continental culture. This particular hub of eateries is built within the old railway arches of Bath train station so its location is second to none for people watching.¬†There’s no better way to start a Sunday than with one of Bertinet’s almond pain au chocolats and a couple of hours taking in the surroundings.

Bertinet Bertinet brownies


Here’s to March

Wow, what a whirlwind the last month has been. Full of lots of stress and little fun it certainly felt like an all work and no play few weeks. The good times may have been few and far between but they were all the more special for it. My 3 favourite moments of February were:

  1. London
    Dinner at Harrison’s in Balham with great friends
  2. Auntie Lot Lot
    Teaching the beautiful little Ivy to say ‘Lot Lot’
  3. Smile
    Illustrating my new favourite card

So here’s to March and the first wonderful signs of spring. The sight of candy floss coloured blossom, the sound of chattering birds and the gentle touch of warm sunshine. Aside from eagerly anticipating my favourite season of the year, this March I’ll also be…

  • Taking it easy – making sure I spend more time enjoying the simple things
  • Food – my go to recipes are great but it’s time to add a few new dishes into the mix, starting tomorrow with a seasonal spring onion, pea and king prawn risotto

This afternoon was so sunny here in Bath and I’m hoping with crossed fingers for the same tomorrow. I’ll be starting my Sunday with a lazy lie in and a buttery chocolate treat from The Bertinet Bakery.

The Bertinet Bakery