Bank holiday bliss


Friday night

Last night we visited three of our favourite venues; The Garricks Head, Hall and Woodhouse and Sub 13. It was a great Friday night involving guinness, champagne, prosecco, red wine, cocktails and chips!

Patchwork Quilt

I started this patchwork back in November, straight after my sister finished hers so I was filled with inspiration. I’ve worked on it pretty casually so 6 months isn’t that bad going! I’m now coming to the end of the actual patchwork; 324 patches in total – 315 down, 9 to go. All that’s left to do is to fill it with wadding and sew on the backing fabric. I hope it’s as fantastic as my sister’s quilt.


Tonight we had pan fried fillet of cod with a fennel and cherry tomato bake. We also made good use of our herbs, using chervil, mint and parsley to accompany the buttery new potatoes.

Lazy weekend

Another Monday morning, another lovely weekend been and gone. I was feeling a little under the weather so after the flat viewings on Saturday we slummed out in the flat for the rest of the weekend! A combination of TV, comfies, boyfriend hoodie, hot chocolate, bacon sandwiches, scones, patchwork and delicious roast chicken.

Another perfect morning

You couldn’t ask for more from a Saturday morning. We’ve got a day of flat viewings today so we’re up early and the sun shining fills us with optimism. The herbs I planted a couple of weekends back (Chervil, Mint and Parsley) are also doing really well. We’ve been using them to cook ever since, it makes such a difference having fresh herbs to hand.

A splash of pink

I’m a little unadventurous when it comes to choosing cut flowers for my flat so it was a lovely surprise to receive a bunch that I’d never have chosen for myself, in a colour i’d never have picked! It goes to show that it’s good to try something new, the bright pink Gerberas add a vibrant splash of colour to my otherwise neutral flat.