Goodbye January

I’m writing this post with a smile on my face and a slight feeling of achievement. Silly I know, but as my least favourite month, January is always something of a challenge. This year, as well as starting each month with a list of things to achieve, I’ll be taking the time to celebrate my top 3 moments of the month just gone. It brings me great pleasure to bid farewell to January and share with you some of the fun I had…

  1. Karaoke
    Without doubt this was the most fun I have had in ages and it turns out I sure can belt a song or two.
  2. Les Miserables
    I’d never seen it before and I loved it. I had “Master of the house” going round and round my head for days after.
  3. Yoga
    Definitely the perfect antidote to a long January.


I love darting around London getting from A to B. From the bustling streets to the busy underground there’s just so much to take in and admire.

The Underground
The Underground

Let it snow

I spent an hour this morning admiring Bath in this magical winter wonderland and treading the first footsteps in freshly fallen snow. Never, ever, have my hands been so cold, so cold that I lost the ability to simply press the buttons on my camera. Home and dry, it was wonderful watching people sledge, ski and snowboard down the golf course all day. Love it or hate it, you can’t help but smile.

Snow Snow
Snow Snow
The Royal Crescent
The Royal Crescent The Royal Crescent
The Royal Crescent
St James' Square St James' Square
Snow Snow



The Missing Bean

On Saturday we paid our first visit of the year to The Missing Bean in Oxford. We sheltered from the cold, drank lattes and mapped out the weekend ahead.

On Sunday we paid our second visit of the year to The Missing Bean in Oxford. We sheltered from the cold, drank lattes and reminisced about the weekend just gone.

Love trips to Oxford.

Latte Jams

Hello Sunday

The first Sunday of the year signalled time for the first weekend coffee in town. If like me you’re partial to a well-crafted coffee and occasional spot of people watching, Bath’s really spoilt for choice. There’s new kid on the block Society Cafe, bustling Jika Jika, Sam’s Kitchen and Bath’s best kept secret Colonna and Smalls to name but a few. With so many great venues to choose from I’m not sure there’s time in the year to get round them all, but I’ll give it a go.

Perfection Jika Jika

January Resolutions

I’ve been thinking, why make resolutions once a year, when you could make them once a month?

With yearly resolutions we commit ourselves to achieving things which inevitably take time and consequently don’t benefit from any immediate gratification or buzz of accomplishment. So this year, as well as the big ones (like finally swotting up on my French), I’m going to try setting monthly resolutions. I’ll be addressing the  little things, perhaps a niggling task I’ve been putting off for too long or a burst of enthusiasm for a hobby I’ve neglected. I hope by accomplishing them, it’ll  remind me to keep on top of the simple things.

January is going to be about feeling good and setting myself up for the year ahead, so I’ll be:

  • drinking 1.5 litres of water a day
  • eating 4 of my 5 a day, of which 1 portion will be blueberries
  • catching up on sleep, by switching lights off at 9.30
  • completing a yoga course
  • working out once a week
  • reading, reading, reading
  • finally growing the 4 teeny nails I’ve punished for too long
  • setting up a dearivy shop on Folksy
  • and trying really hard to put a small sum of monthly income into my savings

I agree, this hardly sounds exciting! But I don’t want to run before I can walk…all in good time.