Hughenden Manor

Yesterday I spent a sunny day out of the office at Hughenden Manor in Buckinghamshire. It felt very seasonal with rows of pumpkins lined up ready for the kid’s halfterm carving workshops. And with the basement of the Manor set up to replicate the World War II period, it was also pretty interesting taking a trip back in time.


A day trip to Daylesford

Home in Bath with memories of a cosy day at Daylesford Organic Farm. My 3 favourite girls and I spent a couple of hours taking in the beautifully landscaped farm and perusing the amazing variety of organic produce. After a very tasty lunch, we returned to the farm shop and filled our baskets with Christmas goodies. Deep in the Gloucestershire countryside, it’s certainly a truly lovely place to spend a truly lovely day.

A wet weekend in Paris

Home and dry after a rainy 48 hours in Paris. We spent the weekend enjoying the hustle and bustle of St Germain and Le Marais and lifted damp spirits with pastries, crêpes and cocktails. Short but sweet, sodden but memorable, it was fun getting to know Paris.