These biscuits

This book; these biscuits. I’ve often thought that when I have children and grandchildren, this will be the recipe that passes down generation to generation. Taken from ‘The Chocoholics Yearbook 1994’ I must have made these cookies more than 50 times. There’s only 4 ingredients but I still follow the recipe every time, dusting off the grease and flour that’s accumulated over the years and laughing at my younger self’s scribbles before I begin. Go on, give these a go. Follow the easy recipe and chuck them in the oven, or better still, just eat the mix straight off!

Chocolate biscuits


This morning

It’s a funny feeling travelling away from the place you call home, to visit the place that will become home in just a couple of months time. Especially when that means waving ‘a bientot’ to 5 years in beautiful Bath and diving head first into a new adventure in London. After months of back and forth, back and forth, today I feel a mix of warmth and anticipation as I travel east to the place that will soon become home. 



This post has been so long in the making that it feels like a long time now since I was sitting in the sweltering sun sipping a café creme in this pretty place. Collioure is a beautiful, beautiful town, full of history and charm and a little je ne sais quoi. As with most towns in France it hosts a weekly market brimming with fresh local produce and bursting with colour. Rows and rows of summer chairs line the front, making it the perfect place to sit back, relax and watch the world go by. We came back here, again and again over the two week break. These snaps were taken during our second visit; my favourite day of the holiday.

CollioureIMG_2223 IMG_2215 IMG_2214
Cherries Radishes
Moules frites Collioure