Bath from a sunny meadow

Wow, yesterday summer was here…for one day only. Bath was so beautiful. We grabbed a blanket and some refreshing drinks and headed up one of the many hillsides overlooking Bath. We set up camp right in the middle of a meadow and enjoyed the afternoon sun.

Saturday in Oxford

This weekend we went to Oxford to stay with my sister and brother-in-law. We had such a wonderful stay. On the Saturday we walked into the centre and stopped off at the river for a spot of punting! The last time I went on a boat it was a bit of a disaster so I was a little nervous. We paid for an hour and it was brilliant! Stu and Jon punted us sisters along and it really was very lovely. We did have a few hiccups – we ran aground at one point and Stu only just escaped falling in. After punting we strolled along the river around Christ Church College and to finish off we stopped for a drink on the way home at Kazbar.

A trip to the florist

On Tuesday lunchtime I went to a florist to take some photos – they needed some photos they could use in print and online. It’s the first time I’ve ever taken photos for someone other than myself so it was a little daunting but as soon as I got snapping I was in my element. Here’s a few for now.

Homemade cookies

Below are some photos of the white chocolate and hazelnut cookies I baked on Sunday. Sometimes I wake up on a Sunday and I think ‘if there’s one thing I want to do today, it’s make some cookies’. Because my willpower is so appalling I tend to make a batch, keep a couple aside for myself and take the rest into the office. They’re soon snapped up there and always very much appreciated.

A special present

I know you shouldn’t tempt fate but recently I’ve had a great excuse to go wild in Baby Gap, The White Company, JoJo Maman Bebe and all other baby related stores! It’s pay day tomorrow so I’m planning a lunch expedition to buy a few of my favourite things. I already have this cute navy and white stripe cardy from Baby Gap.

I’ve just re-read this post and think I should make it clear that I am not expecting!

Banana milkshake

When I was younger my mum used to make us banana milkshakes – it was a clever disguise for us to get 1 of our 5 a day. I’d completely forgotten about them until the other saturday when the memory came back to me. It tastes so good and instantly reminds me of my childhood. It’s simple – 1 banana + milk + blender = fantastic tasting milkshake! Me and my boyfriend are both hooked. 

Saturday dinner

Another Saturday night, another gastronomical adventure. Tonight we attempted a couple of new recipes – the grilled squid recipe which I found in flavour magazine was a real winner!

Grilled Squid

Thai Crab Ravioli

Rice Pudding with Apple Compote and Shortbread Crumble